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Nursing Foot Care

by Dianne Nguyen, R.N.

Foot care

I am here to help you with your "routine" foot care needs such as ingrown, thick, elongated toenails and corns & calluses.

Routine foot care: A dry procedure (no soaking feet in water) that combines podiatry with nail care using advanced equipment and tools under the strictest hygiene protocols.

Treatment usually includes:

  • Trimming toenails

  • Reducing thick nails if needed

  • Callouses and corns reduced

  • Removing ingrown part of nail if required

I may make a recommendation for you to visit your podiatrist or medical doctor if problems are discovered during the brief history and physical examination of your feet. It is your responsibility to follow through on this recommendation for your best health and safety.

Ingrown 3.jpg
Routine Foot Care
for Ingrown Toenails $35
Trimming ingrown toenails
Reducing thick toenails
Reducing corn & calluses
diabetic routine foot care.webp
Routine Foot Care
for Diabetics $35
In order to prevent foot complications resulting from diabetes, proper measures will be taken during routine foot care.
  • Inspection for obvious trouble spots such as redness, swelling, ulcerations, cuts or other wounds, hammertoes and bunions, blisters, calluses, and nail deformity
  • Trimming and preventing ingrown nails
  • Proper debridement of corns, calluses and dystrophic nails 
senior routine foot care.webp
Routine Foot Care
for Seniors $35
Trimming toenails
Reducing thick toenails
Reducing corn & calluses
Benefits of good foot care
  • Reduce pain - painful feet can impair balance and functional ability
  • Increase mobility and physical activity - foot problems are the major causes of walking difficulties in older people
  • Reduce the risk of trips and falls - foot pain can lead people to wear loose footwear, which can contribute to falls.
Location and hours


165 S Trade Street

Matthews, NC 28105

(Inside Studio 165 Salon and Spa)

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

By appointment only

Call/text: (704)-957-5458

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